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May 29, 2004



Wow. Reading this kind of thing makes me glad I live in Canada. Mind you, it's not perfect here, but rich or poor, everyone gets the same opportunity to visit with irritated, overworked and underpaid nurses.

I'm only half kidding.


It's always so interesting to hear an objective point of view about these things. I hope your little one is doing alright!


Second the breastmilk comments - if you're not lactating yourself, beg any breastfeeding friends you know for some of the stuff! My eldest had a REALLY nasty eye infection a few days ago - green gunk pouring out of both eyes and gluing them shut. At 5pm I washed the eyes with cool, boiled water, squirted some breastmilk into each eye. Repeated again at bedtime (7.30pm). By the morning they were all clear. I have *NEVER* seen an eye infection clear up so fast.

angela marie

There is a trade-off for socialized medicine.

I think the insurance industry in the US needs to be taken apart and let's start over. Instead of HMO's where you see crappy doctors/clinics and pay nothing, or instances like our insurance, where I can see any doctor, but I must pay 30% of everything, there must be a happy medium.

The only people getting rich off of healthcare in America are the insurance company CEO's.

Rachel Ann

Hugs to your Issaac Marcia, and refuah shelamah--complete healing. I hope he is better soon.

Lei is right, breastmilk is good for his eye. Though if you haven't any available I want to hear the reaction of the friend from whom you ask this favor!

My kids have had this before too, it isn't fun. I sympathise.

I think how well socialized medicine works depends on the country.Here in Israel its great. I had surgery done very quickly once it was decided I needed it. And the cost if free or very low cost for everything you might need from blood work to X-rays to the surgery itself. Both the dh and I are working but it barely covers our needs...so the free health thing is good; else I'd never have my knee looked at.


You know I have to say that I am in England now, another socialized health care system where everyone gets it free, and I have to say that you sacrifice quality of care. You would take him to the doctor and they would just send you home anyway. I have been to the doctor when my kids were blue and they tell me it's nothing till I end up in the A and E and finally get something done. I guess no matter where you are you sacrifice something. Either no care or crappy care, not sure which is worse!


I haven't lived in the U.S. for about six years now. A few years ago when I had no health insurance in the U.S., I went back to get a regular check-up from my old OB-GYN and they wanted to do some bloodwork. The bloodwork was going to be hundreds of dollars and since it wasn't a life-or-death kind of thing, I just said to skip it.

Contrast this to Singapore, a socialist country, where you can get very afforable healthcare whether or not you're a citizen. For example, a series of Hep B vaccines which cost a few hundred dollars in the States would cost about US$50 or less in Singapore.

PS Got any breastmilk to squirt in Isaac's eye? It's supposed to work wonders.


Lots of hospitals have free care. I think not working will qualify you!

Rich's car just cost us $440 today to get the breaks fixed. There goes part of our rent money which is due TUESDAY!

Everything seems lavish to us. We work our butts off and still can't pay the bills.I just agreed to work a double shift tomorrow so even though I just got home at 10pm I will work tomorrow from 7am-10pm!! I would love to out to dinner or a movie or an ice cream cone! Damn our crazy lifestyle!

Welcome home to America. Land of the over taxed. Home of the brave. Ya brave or maybe just too poor to leave the country!


The Economist magazine recently called the U.S. "the least equal developed nation."

Sad, isn't it? We're the wealthiest country and yet folks can't take their kids to a doctor.


Our family hasn't had health insurance for the last year or so; at first because both Angelo and I were out of work, and most recently we just can't afford it.

I've prayed, begged, pleaded and bribed my family into staying healthy just so we wouldn't have to visit the doctor. Health care and health insurance is just too expensive.

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