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May 07, 2004



There is a small space between the radio and the ashtray part of our car's console.

Sometimes I *accidentally* slip the kids CD's into that little space instead of in the slot where the cd goes.

Can you be-lieve how careless I am???

Marcia Lynx Qualey

Mm, CDs are very sensitive. I think you might accidentally scratch it with your fingernail...


If you (or a friend) has a CD burner on your computer, you can make a "Greatest Hits" CD - and make it long enough that she goes to sleep. Put the "bouncy", annoying songs on the first couple of songs (even put them on twice, if that helps!), then move into the Baby Mozart to wind her down. It'll satisfy everyone ...well, maybe not everyone. You'll still have to listen to some of the "bad" songs, but you can get rid of the originals, at least. Good luck!


When my sister bought Lillianna her own CD case for the car with her name on it, all her bedtime CDs disappeared from her room. We can't play them in the car or I will slip into a coma while driving! But still they don't make it back inside the house! The other night we put in Seals and Croft and she loved it. She doesn't care what we play as long as it's SOMETHING!
If you really can't stand the music I would try covering the bad CDs in material and turn them into coasters!


I really hate when one of the kids puts a CD down on the fireplace, because the baby likes to rub it all over the brick...sometimes DVD's also end up in their "storage" place -- the old VCR.


The biggest mistake I ever made was letting the children listen to one of 'their' CDs in the car. I've regretted it ever since. Driving down the highway listening to 'Wheels on the Bus' 50 times does not make a pleasent car trip.

Let me know if the sandpaper works...


Sounds good to me. Let your dog look at it for a little while. Remember, we have to share.


And, OH!, whoops, who put that CD on the couch for you to accidently sit on? Oh no... ;)


Did you know that cd's can accidently snap in half if you bend them too far? They can also accidently fly out of car windows while on the freeway!!
Did you know that engraving your childs name on them for safe keeping, keeps them safely unplayable?

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