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May 07, 2004



I'm just happy the sun is shining today :) The kids are getting along, I've got some new flower seeds to get the husband to plant (cause if I do, they'll die before they ever grow), and it's so nice out! Happy Mother's Day to you, and so glad to join DotMoms with you at the same time :)


Thanks all for your comments and welcomes. I'll write a followup on what happens this weekend on my blog site (http://mamarant.blogs.com) sometime next week.

So far, here's what I know is going on. Paul will be watching the kids so I can color my hair in peace on Saturday. And he may take the kids Mother's Day shopping while I do that. So there's my time alone, ha, ha, ha.

And he's hinted that we're daytripping to Colorado Springs on Sunday. My guesses - something at the Broadmore (one of the most expensive and gorgeous hotels in Colorado) or possibly lunch on the Royal Gorge Train. Usually we just visit relatives and go thrift store shopping in the Springs (awesome thrifts, believe it or not) so it should be interesting.

Paul's very good about planning these kind of surprises, so I'm excited and trying not to pump my 4-year-old for information.


Sooooo true! Good post. I'm a new mom (of a 3 month old) and I totally agree. :) Welcome to DotMoms!


I want to be the one who isn't In Charge. Just for one day, I want the only decision I have to make to be along the lines of shrimp or scallops? Gin-and-tonic or margarita? Go to the beach or walk down by the river?

I'm more likely to win the lottery, but that's my Mother's Day wish.

Great post, Anne-Marie.


Great post. I am getting a spa day from DH (way to go, honey!), but I'll do it on a future date, probably an upcoming Saturday. :) On Sunday, we're having several delicious hubby and kids-cooked meals and the little ones are giving me something small I think. If they could also just BEHAVE the whole day, that would be great.


My DREAM day includes:

1. An extra hour of sleep.
2. Breakfast in bed. Piping hot coffee.
3. A thoughtful bagged lunch (or better yet, a certificate for a sushi-lunch for one) and the freedom to troll around downtown to spend time as I wish... be it shopping, or sitting, taking photos, or wandering around a museum.
4. Coming home to a spotless house, tidied and spit n'polished by a team of ten industrial-strength ladies who aren't afraid of the baseboards and the floor underneath the microwave cart. (Ok, maybe I can do without the spitting part, but you know what I mean.)
5. A lovely dinner with my family (with no bickering and nagging reminders about The Proper Use of Forks etc etc etc), followed by a slice of something sweet.


p.s. I think this thread would be twice as interesting if we all came back to report what actually happened on Mother's Day. :)


Oh, that sounds so wonderful - hope you get it. For me... I just ask that he be the one to rise with the kids at 6:30 on Sunday instead of I and let me slumber for a few hours longer :)

Oh ... and I also want a few of those new continous blooming hydrangeas for my front flower beds :)


It's funny -- I was thinking of writing a damn similar post on E-Scout. I'll have to hope my husband reads yours, instead!


It sounds like an awesome day.One I really wish I could have..lol.But,it looks like we will be driving 4 hours to my moms Sunday morning,and then 4 hours back home that night.ugh.


Aww, that is exactly the kind of day Tai offered me. I turned him down. This is the first Mother's Day I will have with my two youngest kids (3 & 5 years old), and what I want is a GOOD day with the kids. I want them to behave well, not beat on each other, not scream and throw fits when they want something. I want kids who clean up after themselves. I want kids who all agree that going to the park is a good idea - at the same time - and the same park. I want kids who can agree on which movie they'd like to watch. I want kids who put their laundry in the hamper, close the shower curtain when they are getting clean, and don't walk in on me when I'm in the bathroom.

I know I'm dreaming. But I know that Tai will try his darndest to give this to me, because he's wonderful. He'll sit down with each kid Saturday night and have a heart to heart. And all of the kids will agree. And it will look very hopeful. Then, 6:30 Sunday morning, they'll have totally forgotten their pledge, and they'll be at each other's throats.

This is why I have an alternate request: cheesecake. ;o)


Two words: SPA DAY.

Welcome to DotMoms, Anne-Marie!


This is pretty much exactly what I've asked for, and it's what I'm getting.

Marcia Lynx Qualey

I love it. I too, would as for an un-mother day. Well, except that this is my first Mother's Day, and I will be spending it flying from Cairo to Italy, Italy to Atlanta, Atlanta to Minneapolis. BLEH. What a treat.

Well, it will be for my mother, at least.

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