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June 23, 2004



Note to self: Lie in quiet voice around children.


Oh Amanda, how you crack me up. That is a priceless lesson. I love how we learn all over again through the eyes of our children. They will keep us straight, that is for sure! Thanks for sharing this - thanks!


*Hangs head in shame* I've been caught in a few by the kidlings. And I've done the lie about the age thing when my oldest was much younger, trying to get him a cheaper buffet price. "I'm not 3," he shouted. "I'm 4!" Sigh... And don't even think *I* can lie about my own age. I'm "lucky" enough to have three little people ready to correct me at a moment's notice ;)


Kids will definately catch you at your worst.And those are the things they seem to remember the longest.


Since I was an only child for the first 11 1/2 years of my life I didn't know I had the option to lie. My father hated lying so he never ever did it and he told me to never lie so I never did either!! Therefore Lillianna knows if I say something, it's the truth! I don't think I am smart enough to lie...too much thinking is involved!


My husband told my son who was three that he was four because he wanted to put hi inot a playland while he shopped. Now my son firmly believes he's four. He tells me he knows he is cause Daddy said he is. Hubby regrets that one big time!


Oh it's always the gray areas in life that get us into trouble especially when as a parent you're still defining and teaching the the black -n- white ones. You're right, it's a great lesson and being also a parent of 4-year-old, I can totally relate. Great post!


This is why I love dotMoms. I have read many good postings, and this is another. Thank you for sharing.


Back when airlines gave discounts for kids, my father always told them that I was younger than I really was (it helped that I was short) to save money. It was sooooo embarrassing, and it's something I try not to do with my kids. My dad always tried to "cheat the system" and it really showed me what NOT to do since it sends the wrong message to kids.

I still have to chuckle at the memory though. The crazy things my dad did to save money....


Kids really know how to put us in our place. Its hard to believe that they can actually be smarter than us. What a great lesson in this story!!


Thanks for posting this! I'll definitely have to remember that one.

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