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June 11, 2004



Speaking of guilt, there's a big website, Daycares Don't Care", that has a lot of information about the negative effects of day care.

The url is:

Anyone know of some websites with a more positive view of daycare?

julicia Watson

i called my husband this morning from the office and asked a simple question...."can u watch the kids while the babysitter (my sister) takes care if some business? since u are on vacation" he replys "what if i had to go to work what would u have done..call me back" now ladies i really had to sit in my office and think... you know what i need some "me" time so i called my husband back and told him" this weekend i am staying at the Sherton hotel, gettin a full make over and spa, ordering room service, and just be "me" and hung up the phone. I really feel i have not thought or been "me" since my first child and i have 4.....so hurray for the "banger sisters!!!"


How I envy you!


One whole day to yourself? I would love that!! My alone time consists of doing the bills in peace and quiet and even that's not a guarantee.


Imagine that. You put Nathan and Lucie in daycare for a whole day and they don't appear to be scarred for life.

Next thing you know, they'll be going off to college and forgetting to call.

Not to worry. Try to remember that whatever else may happen to them in life, it'll be all your fault.

Hope I helped you with that little guilt problem. :-)


I think you were more productive than I would have been with a free day (6 hours of cleaning? Can you come over here if I watch your kids?).

Seriously, if they're in good care they will be fine, even thrive, and you can have some time to pursue something that fulfills you. You know that saying, "Ain't nobody happy if mama ain't happy?" (or something like that!)...It's ok to take care of YOU too.

Melissa S

I would sell my left kidney for one day to do whatever I wanted. I am not kidding. If anyone out there is looking for a pretty healthy kidney, I'd like to sell it in exchange for premium quality childcare for my son and daughter (only during the summer).

You know where to reach me!


I have had my daughter Madison in daycare since she was just 4 months old. Literally. And I used to think, "is a daycare facility really the best idea? Doesn't she need me 24-7?" Now I see the err of my ways...Madi thrives at school (we call it that too). She learns new songs, has lots of little friends, and really takes it all in. She's there five days per week, which is hard, as I'd like to keep her with me 2-3, but I've got to work full time for now.
Enjoy the one day a week off - it's your time to refresh yourself any way you want to. And take some comfort in the knowledge that the kids are enjoying their time at school!


I had big plans for myself when I enrolled Seth in Mother's Day Out.After a year,I can't honestly say I have accomplished much on my list.But I sure have enjoyed my free day each week.

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