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June 22, 2004



This reminds me of my current most disliked question of my 5 month old: "is she a good baby?" NO, she is an EVIL baby! What people mean is does she sleep well? Is she a good little sleeper? People are obsessed with babies sleep habits and not just parents. The next person who asks is totally getting the EVIL baby answer. Fabu' post.


Lillianna slept through the night at 3 months. I thought that was so thoughtful because it was right when I had to go back to work 20 hours/week.
She was right on track with my schedule. How considerate!
Since she is our only child I am going to delude myself and call myself an expert on getting my baby to sleep through the night because there is no other child to contradict this claim!


Wonderful! My boys slept through the night very well from early on, so imagine my surprise when baby THREE didn't sleep through the night until she was almost FIVE!!! My area of expertise is actually knowing how to tune all the kids out so I can write ;)


What an awesome post, Melissa! Truly - I feared the whole sleep issue myself; I cringed at the possibility that my wee baby would be one of those non-sleepers. And then I was in a form of denial after Week #4 of Little Sleep, by Week #9 of Still-Not-Much-Improvement in the sleep department, and now, by God knows what week we are on (Liam is 6.5 months; too tired to do the math, LOL)I am a pro, myself, at accepting that sleep will NEVER be what it once was to me, EVER. He is still getting up twice a night: 11pm and 2, 3, or 4am. Sometimes it'll be three times. It's lovely. I am perpetually puffy-eyed and most often dreary. But he is a cute kid who hasn't yet learned of temper tantrums. So I go on. When we do reach that point, I will consult with you, surely. ;o) (Thanks for sharing your post - it was great).


Well my kids switches roles; the first daughter had colic and screamed ALL NIGHT LONG until about the 3 1/2 month mark. The next daughter was a piece of cake in comparison. Both turned out to be terrific kids, for what that's worth.

Great post, Melissa. Really, you're outdoing even yourself. ;)


I'm convinced genetics has a LOT to do with sleeping through the night. I take no credit whatsoever for my son's sleeping. He's exactly like his father: they both seem to have an OFF switch that they just flip when they're tired. NOT having another one, for just that reason -- it'll inherit MY sleep patterns. I'm 31 years old, and I STILL can't sleep through the night.

Wonderfully written, Melissa!


I am someone who likes my sleep also. My daughter started sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old -- and now, at 11 months, sleeps from 8 to 7. My husband and I are embarassed to tell people this -- we get alot of dirty looks. We are scared about the second child. We think that she got born first only because her little brother or sister said, you better go out first because if I go out first, you're never going to be born.


oh please don't tell me that. Girl sleeps soundly now from 7ish to 7ish. Bambino #2 due this week....this child HAS to sleep, Girl took at least 6 months to be predictable. Now you tell me #2 could be worse....oh shoot me NOW!!!


Awesome post! Thanks for the chuckle and the realization we all go through that.


Thanks for reminding us once again (and we cannot be reminded enough) "I think it also proves, once again, that there are a million right ways to be a mother, because it is all about what works for you and your child."

BRAVO!!! Whether it comes to sleep, bottle vs. breast, pacifier vs. thumb, etc., etc., etc. that's the bottom line.

Well, that and your kid's temperament and personality...


Great. And I thought I was a professional. At about 4-5 weeks, my daughter was sleeping from 11PM until 5-6AM. It was AWESOME. Now she wakes up anywhere between 7-9AM after going to bed at 8PM (she is 18mo.). I guess for my next one, I better be prepared.

I have noticed also that my rules change as my baby grows. The way I do things change, too. As she grows, I grow.

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