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June 22, 2004



The road to progress is surely paved with the sounds of our youth no longer familiar. I had a sort of blast from the past experience last Sunday. We were spending a portion of Father's Day with my Dad and the kids were scattered through his rather large yard, when I heard the familiar jingle of the Mr. Softee ice cream truck off in the distance. My children came flying out of bushes, secret gardens and the green house yelling, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" Thank goodness when some things never change :o)


On our children's eye chart at work one of the pictures is of a rotary phone. The mothers always whisper,"He/she's not going to know that!" and the child always says, "That's a telephone!"

I checked the following sounds with Lillianna and here is what she said.
Typewriter: No clue what it was.

1920's home phone with busy signal: It sounded
like an animal munching then it was a fire alarm.

Alarm clock winding: sounded like a phone dialing.

Electric shaver: sounded like someone swatting flies!
She got the rotary phone dialing after she heard the 1920's phone and she did know the whistling teapot.
She also knows how to handle record albums and 45s and how to make them play. It was touch and go there for a while because she couldn't get the hang of the needle and getting it in the groove!
Now she can do it on her own. Cuz who doesn't want to listen to music from the 50s -80s???? I have my parents old stuff too!!
Thanks for the cool post. It gets you thinking!


This really is something to think about...because we often do forget until we hear it unexpectedly one day. And I can't come up with a single thing!


Gosh, wow - I have to add, for what it's worth, the mild grating of a traditional pencil sharpener. So few classrooms actually use these anymore. As a former teacher (just three years ago), I was even shocked to see mechanical ones in the classrooms - yikes!


You really had me thinking. All I could come up with is
1. The sound a record makes in the background as it plays.
2. Cassette Tape stuff. We threw away all of our cassette tapes. My daughter will never know that sound of the tape played button popping up when that side is finished.
3. My husband says I have to mention the Speak and Say.
4. With all the digital cameras, no one really winds their camera film anymore, so that sound is one that will never be heard by my daughter.

Its weird thinking about how fast things come and go. But really, it was never that fast.


My 6yo knows the teapot whistle, because that's the kind of teapot we have.
He thought the telephone dial was some sort of machine, but had no idea what kind it might be. And he couldn't make head or tails of the typewriter. "Is it some kind of animal?"
It's an interesting experiment! (BTW - the source for the typewriter sound has moved.)

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