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June 29, 2004



Welcome to DotMoms! I really enjoyed your first entry. I laughed out loud when I got to the part about the Kate Spade bag!
Don't worry - your nanny is obviously young and carefree, and one day she'll be the one answering the door to have some tight tummied nanny watch HER kids!


I am a nanny too, and let me tell you--I've changed enough poopy diapers and had one too many encounters with spit-up/throw-up and other questionable bodily fluids--that I've discovered the kids don't really care what I look like, and who am I trying to impress anyway?? Give me some jeans or sweats and im a very happy girl.


ROFL. We had a nanny that insisted that her job should be "flex time," like much of corporate America. I tried to explain that that didn't work well with children on schedules. As much as she "tried" to be on time, she was never on time. I finally had had enough when she came in one day 30 minutes late with her usual Starbucks cup with her name on it. To this day, I don't understand how someone can get to Starbuck's on time, but not to their job...

As for style, I've seen enough mid-rift fat rolls over pubic high jeans and doggie-style tattoos (the one on the small of a woman's back) to know that I'm suddenly happy to be old. My question is, how did an entire generation of young girls embrace all the butt-ugly fashion trends all at once?


Hilarious and oh so true!


What a riot! WELCOME, Teddi. That's too funny. I am a style-nightmare myself. Nothing fits from days before PG and baby, and nothing looks good that I buy now. I like your perspective: heck with the clothes (whoever invented stilletos is whacked, LOL)- college educations, here we Moms come!


LOL! Welcome to DotMoms :) Does your nanny not worry about getting kid messy like us MOMS do? How odd. But it reminds me of the woman who I used to work with at Wal-Mart. We were CASHIERS, but she always showed up with nails done, dressy shoes, flowing skirts, silky blouses, styled make-up and hair. My only assumption for this was that customers would see her and NOT choose her line, thinking (rightly so) that she wouldn't want to move fast enough to possibly break a sweat ;)


Our nanny has style too! Despite the fact she's earning money for her own two daughters and lives in a tiny apartment, she always shows up here put-together and polished. Not crazy, over-the-top, just nicely pressed and dressed.

It somehow inspires me, and gives me one more thing to admire and love about her.

Melissa S

Ah...the Kate handbag...trendy, but still tasteful. I got one for Mother's Day two years ago...so even though it's no longer trendy, it is still tasteful.

A dear friend has the cutest nanny ever. Once while her husband was giving their 4 year old son a bath she heard her son say,

"I like it best when Heather gives me a bath."

Her husband replied, "Oh, I bet you do buddy."

I love that story.



Welcome to DotMoms!
I would have your husband watch the kids one day and you should go shopping with the nanny. If nothing else you would get a good laugh.
And if she can work with young children while wearing impractical shoes then she must really be good at what she does!


I find this amusing. I am a nanny myself, part-time since the birth of my daughter. I dress in sweatshorts and a t-shirt because I know that I will be running around with the kids. My latest fashions come from Wal-mart and if I feel like a rebel, I will shop Lane Bryant. See? I just got chills!

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