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June 14, 2004



Every new accomplishment is a proud moment for me, but I think when unexepectedly won a trophy was when the buttons on my shirt were about to burst. We were visiting a state fair as out-of-state guests, and found a Pee-Wee rodeo. Tony entered it and was the very first contestent. He was a "horse bronc rider" with a stick horse and had to jump up and down for about eight seconds. He was given a score and then had to wait for about six other kids in his catagory. He won. For his efforts he got a participation ribbon, and a real six inch trophey. I couldn't have been more proud. I was ready to call his daddy back in the midwest right then and there to share the proud moment, but waited when I wasn't around all the other parents.


The moment that made me most proud of my daughter was watching her walk across the stage at Grade 8 graduation, dressed in her army boots and blue plaid dress -- and with her hair dyed blue to match. :-) She had resisted the peer pressure to dress the same as everyone else -- no easy feat when you're 14 years old. She also managed to pick up the art and music awards. (No surprise there. She's a very arty kid!)


I cried and smiled so hard that my face ached as I watched my Boo, age 3.5 and the youngest dancer in her school, perform in her dance recital the day before Mother's Day. I'd never been so proud. (I'm tearing up again now as I type this - I'm so leaky). Except that I am so proud, every time she and her friends carry up the gifts at mass. I cry a lot because both my girls make me so proud and they are the best tears in the world.

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