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June 22, 2004



Rich and I both love to read and Lillianna is addicted to reading. She prefers that over just about anything although she is pretty well rounded. I have taught her to bake and make chocolates. I have recently learned to scrap book and Lillianna made her own yesterday as I was making one for my mom's birthday.
Rich is a great artist and musician and he has taught Lillianna to play guitar.
Mom has taught her to knit.
My sister has taught her to shop!!!
I think she is prepared for anything now!


I am passing down my love of reading, writing and photography. And Barbies. And, ummm...scary stuff ;)


My love of journaling. Since I keep my own journal, and one for Tony, Tony dictates his own to me. We don't do it every night, but when there is something significant happening, he will want to "write." Sometimes it's just a few lines, other times he will dictate enough to fill a page or more.

He loves to listen to what I write about him.

In addition to journaling, there's swimming, bike riding, t-ball, and just getting into basketball.

Angelo reads to Tony every night at bed time. That's father/son time in our house.


Reading is a huge past-time in our family. Both my husband and I love to read, as does my 18 mo. old daughter. She can read for hours. I know they are board books, but they are so much fun.

I remember as a kid my Mom and I used to listen to Disney Classic music. We would just sing and dance, nothing else. We do that now with my daughter. My hubby thinks its silly, and it is. We are both silly when we sing and dance.

Parks. After my parents separated, my Dad used to take us to the park and then the beach every other Sunday. It was SO much fun. My daughter loves the parks. We tried the beach once and she wasn't too sure. We will try later.

That's all I can really think of.


Lacrosse, reading, writing, orienteering, snacking, lots of things! And just the other day my older daughter said to me, "Mom, when can I start my own blog?"

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