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June 01, 2004



I know Emma did great in preschool,and eventually....you will be ok with it too.


Lori I bet Emma will do great today :) As gregarious as you make her sound, I doubt sincerely that she will be off in a corner by herself. I bet she will lead choice time activites instead. As carefully as you have screened and chosen her preschool, I am sure they will be quite observant of her abilities and will give her that needed hug if she skins her knee :)

Each milestone is tough as they usually signify a bit more independence from us, more difficult for us than for them I would imagine. Enjoy her tales of her first day of school :)


What wonderful writing! When I taught at a school last year (I've already briefly commented on that) Tony was left with a wonderful friend, someone who has the same values and parenting practices I do. But when it got to the point when he was calling me, "Miss (Her Name)" instead of Mommy, the lump in my throat was there was well. When I couldn't share with him, in his journal, his activities each day except from what Miss ___ told me. That lump grew. And when Tony told me, "I don't want to go home, I want to stay here and be Miss___'s child, the lump spilled over into tears.

This year, I stayed home with Tony instead of looking for other work. We've had to scrimp and pinch our pennies, but it was worth it. I'm Mommy again, Tony's journal is full, and he likes being home.


Oh, I remember that first day of preschool well. I had all of the same feelings. My husband stayed home with our children so their first day of preschool was their first day away from either of us (other than my mother babysitting). They ended up doing so well. They were in a class of 30 with 2 teachers and an aide. I worried that they would be overlooked but they ended up getting lots of attention.

The hardest thing for us to cope with was the onslaught of sickness. Having never been around other children they were exposed to lots of colds/flus that the other children were now immune to. They started preschool the week after Thanksgiving and three days before Christmas they shared a hospital room (no kidding - they really shared a room for 2 nights in the hospital).

I'm sure Emma will do great. She will love having lots of children to play with. She will probably go to bed very early tonight - exhausted from all of the extra playing. I do recommend you stock up on children's medicine, though. :)

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