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July 09, 2004


Marcia Lynx Qualey

Whee! I'm going to my son's (early, before we go back to Egypt) first birthday party in a few hours.

Fortunately, I'm letting my father and his wife fret over all the details. I'm just showing up with babe in arms.

Good thing I have no talent for party planning!


What a great story. Loved it! My daughter, Madison, is three now. Her first birthday party was extremely low key. Now every year, her father and I get a little stir crazy and overdo things. But it's all worth it for the little ones! Glad that your luau went so well.


Like your other two comments, I'm a low key person. A family get together for Tony's first, a very quiet affair for number's two and three, a friend sleepover for number four and another quiet affair for number five. We'll see about number six.

I have a reason behind it. My parents threw a couple birthday parties for my brother and I, and now that I'm an adult, if someone doesn't do something special for my birthday, it couild very easily be downer. I decided to keep it small for Tony so that he won't expect some grand and glorious event each and every year as he gets older.


You are indeed a brave woman. My older daughter was 3 before we did anything for her birthday and then it was a small party with a defined start and end time, after naps but before dinner. 7 kids and 6 adults. We'll do one for baby sister next year when she's 3. And we're probably not doing it again until older daughter 6. I'm such a scrooge.


You have much more strength than I can even fathom. Low key for me. Always has been. I like something closer to a small get-together.

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