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July 02, 2004



I cant BELIEVE you dont sing that song to them!! I take great pride in the fact that my kids get the "It's Howdy Doody Time" almost daily - WITH the embellishment :-)

Thats one of my favorites - also:

"MOM where ya going?"
"Crazy, wanna come?"
(although this doesnt work with my 5yr old as he things crazy is an actual place "YEAH!")

"Mom where did you get that?"
"The gettin place - if you would've been there you would've gotten one"

"Mom I'm hungry"
"Nice to meet you hungry I'm Amy"

And I also enjoy the What? What? What? thing as AGK does above :-)


I enjoy pretending to look for Tony all over even when he is standing right in front of me.
"Hmmm, I hear something. Where did it come from?" (starts looking around.)
Tony follows me, "Mommy! I'm right here."
I look in the opposite direction, "Here?"
By this time Tony is standing where I can't get around him.
"What, Oh! There you are? What do you want?"
"Can I have a drink?"
"Well, why didn't just come up and say so?"
"Oh, forget it, I'll get it myself."


When they give us that extra-annoyed look, we tell them "Don;t smile or your face will crack." Gets them every time.

Best way to clear a room full of semi-teenagers? Grab the husband, start kissing. Extra gross-out points if you use tongue and grab each other's butts. Then when the kids are gone (ignore the retching sound) you two can talk about whatever you like.


When I used to tell my mother that she was mean or unfair she would say:

"I've worked long and hard to reach this level of mean and it's nice to know someone noticed."


The kids: Mom, what's for dinner?
Me: Monkey snot with a side of elephant brains.
The kids: MOM!!!!

The kids: Where are we going?
Me: Crazy

The kids: Can I play a video game.
Me: Nope
The kids: why?
Me: Why what?
The kids: Why can't I?
Me: Can't what?
*snort* I can keep this one up for at least twenty minutes.

Oh yeah I reserve the right to drive my children just as insane as my mother did me. *heh*

Robin P

I have stolen one of my sister-in-law's evil sayings and it drives Lillianna insane.

Lillianna:(whining) I'm thirsty.
Me:(in my super perky voice) Hi, Thirsty. I'm Mommy.
Lillianna(really whining, now!) MOM!!!!!!!! You sound like Auntie Kathy! I just want a drink.
Me: Oh? In that tone of voice? Is there another way you can ask me?
Lillianna:(in a sweetie-pie voice)Mom, could I please have a drink?
Me: Well why didn't you ask me that in the first place?
Lillianna:(Huge sigh and eye roll!)

Motherhood is FUN!


What's for dinner?
What kind of food?
The kind you eat.

Mom, can I go outside?
Can I go outside?
You HAVE to hear me. Outside. Can I?

Oh yes, I enjoy everything I get to do to get them back for driving me crazy ;)

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