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July 18, 2004



My oldest daughter loves to read and write like me.Middle daughter reads alot,and Seth just wrecks havoc....I think he got that from his daddy though.


My husband hopes that our daughter is a huge sports fan and he hopes she is athletic. I just hope she likes the outdoors. I love hiking and we don't go because my husband hates it.


First a question to you, on what day did the first shot of Lexington and Concord take place? No looking up! Answer: April 19th. (It's Tony's birthday.)

OK, hobbies I've past on? I hope it's a love of writing. Today, Angelo came home with a new blank book for From the Bottom of my Heart, my journal to Tony. When Tony saw it, he grabbed it and danced around with joy. He was so excited that there was another book to write in.

Ever since he could hold a pencil, I have given him paper tablets and notbooks so he could "write" his thoughts down just like Mommy.

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