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July 07, 2004


Marcia Lynx Qualey

Ugh. When I first got pregnant, my husband kept a little notebook to make sure I had everything I needed each day. That lasted about two weeks.

Now that Isaac's on solid food, we spend a lot of time making he eats well--but we absolutely DREAD the moment that we all have to eat together, and we have to plan good meals for the three of us. Ugh.


Ahh, yes, we are going to be there very soon. I have wanted to try to make my own baby food, but for a total lack of time with working, I haven't yet. However, I make sure that what he is eating at every meal is well rounded. Fortunately, Liam is a huge eater - loves most everything. When we start on adult food, I will make sure our meals are catered towards the healthy side, with some fun inserted (like pizza and hot dogs, occasionally), of course, but with an emphasis on healthy.


We definately eat more healthy.Or try to.There are days when we lapse.lol


Our kids deserve the best we can give them…applause to you for choosing good foods and being flexible enough to "sell" them. Here's one for you:

1 frozen banana,
½ cup (or so) frozen raspberries,
½ cup fruit juice or milk (more or less depending on consistency desired)
1 Good Blender…Need I say more.

OK, I will: This makes a healthy, fast and tasty snack. We keep a supply of frozen bananas in the freezer, and our blender out on the counter at all times.


We almost never buy pop. (soda) When I was younger, I always drank pop, sometimes, two or three cans a day. Now, pop is a treat, and my kids almost never get it. It's harder, though, to stick to those healthy habits once they have money of their own, and the Burger King is across the street from the high school.


Diet?? What is that? Funny enough now that I have a family it is like we eat more "quick and easy" stuff because we don't ahve time for anything else! It is crazy! I definitely won't win on the "nutrition" in our house. I am working on it though!

I do agree that you can throw sponge bob on anything and it will sell!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like she changed her diet because of her children. Our diet is now heavy on fruits and veggies, and we've come up with all sorts of meatless meals too - our girls love tofu. Hubby and I worry almost daily about whether or not the girls get enough of those "magical" foods. We don't keep junk food in the house. Soda is a treat for when we are out to dinner and then it's only 'clear soda' (i.e. caffeine free) but often they opt for chocolate milk or oj instead anyway. But I'm so proud and know we must be doing relatively okay when our girls ask for seconds on the steamed broccoli (no cheese), love blueberries and strawberries or watermelon for dessert, and request grapes or bananas for snacks. I'm amazed because I never, NEVER ate stuff like that as a kid. I only learned to eat all those things as an adult. Children teach us so much don't they?


Oh my goodness. We used to eat out ALL the time. We eat in, now and I started to eat apples or bananas with our Cheerios (I learned if I eat the same thing she eats, she won't beg for my food). Our snacks are pretzels/goldfish and water. Lunches are salads with grilled chicken, carrots, celery, spinach, tomatoes, etc. Our dinners are still tough because Daddy works late most nights and I don't feel like cooking for 1 and a half. We eat sandwiches, usually grilled cheese or Mac and cheese mixed with broccoli and canned chicken breast. More fruits and vegetables have been added to our diets and fast food is gone (almost). If we eat out we eat at a sit down place and sometimes that gets expensive which, in turn, convinces us to eat at home.

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