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July 30, 2004



What a sweet lady.My girls stay with my parents from time to time and I get the same way.


I have two similar entries in my blog, here and here. I know very well what you are saying about being lonely. Makes me feel kinda guilty about being so excited to go off to high school (I went to a bording high school) and college. Now I understand why my parents wanted to visit me when I was teaching overseas, and why they always came up to the summer camp I was working at. It annoyed me to death whenever they showed up then, but I can understand it better, now.


At least twice a year my husband and I take a weekend for ourselves. We've been doing this since about 6 months after our oldest child was born. I can't tell you how much we look forward to and enjoy these weekends. We miss the children terribly. It doesn't stop us from going, though. We really reconnect during those weekends and come back to reality recharged and ready to take on runny noses, fighting children and all those other daily tasks when you have children.

The hardest part of the weekend is the calls home. We try to limit them because our children are happy when they first talk to us and then end up begging us to come home when they realize they miss us. It's so funny how when they don't see us or hear from us they are happy but when they hear our voice they get so sad. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.

We are going away next weekend for our anniversary (our 12th! where does the time go??). We haven't decided where we are going, we just know we are going. To us it doesn't matter where we go - just that we spend it together, alone.

I once knew a woman that bragged that she had never been away from her 4 year old for more than 3 hours since she was born. I thought she was nuts and wondered how long her marriage would last. Of course, everyone is different. So perhaps I shouldn't judge. I just know that we need our time away.

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