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July 16, 2004



I've gotten some good ideas from these comments. Thanks! This weekend I want to start a journal addressed to my daughter, following your examples. It will be something she might enjoy reading as an adult.


Thank you for teaching me about ethical wills. Now that my son is a little older (2 yo), I have an extra couple of hours in the day when he is playing or sleeping independently and I've been writing down my memories. Now I will also try to write down what I've learned aout life in general. I'm sure it will benefit me too; remind me of what I hold dear. I may ask my dad to do the same, either via e-mail or camcorder.


I have actually written one of these wills. It had to be the most heart-wrenching thing I ever did for my kids, but also one of the best and most loving. I hope you can gather the strength within yourself to soon write one.

Robin P

Due to the fact that Rich's mom died when he was only 4 years old (his siblings were 2,6 and 8 yrs old- his mom was only 27!)I have been very aware of keeping journals for Lillianna since before she was born.Rich and his siblings know almost nothing about their mother who loved them dearly and died suddenly.I kept a journal throughout my pregnancy and then for a while after she was born. I have just begun scrapbooking which is a wonderful way to keep memories alive too.No one ever thinks they will die young but it happens. Most of my DotMom posts are about Lillianna so I have printed them out and keep them in a binder. I do the same with the posts on my own blog that are about her.
Being Jewish I am surprised that I had never heard of this type of will but it is a fantastic idea. Thanks for this valuable information.


Just like Goldberry, I've been keeping a journal for my son, Tony. It in I share everything, his day to day activities, my hopes, dreams, thoughts, fears, and desires for his life; and of course how much his Daddy and I love him. I guess in a sense that his his ethical will.


This is so deep. I just need her to know that I love her. I would want her to feel my love even after I am gone.

I am not sure that I would want to spell out all my "issues" however she will have access to them if the need arises.

I have never heard of an ethical will, but I have been keeping a journal and a scrapbook for her. Everything she needs to know about us is in those books.

If I were to write the letter right now, it would be extremely short. Your post gives me something to think about.

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