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July 12, 2004



I'd love to be my child's hero, not for my ego, but because I would love for him to do well in school.
He tested into the gifted program, (130 IQ) and he is incredibly creative, but he says that he hates to read, although he reads comic books and game manuals veraciously, and he says he hates to write, although he tells stories and possible scenarios with the best. I think it’s the physical act of writing that he finds difficult. He also takes great pride in making A's, but he doesn't want to work for them, and for the past two years he hasn't had to.I'm pretty sure things will get a lot tougher this year,(3rd grade.)
So if I could be a hero to my child it would be by showing him that hard work pays off. The problem with that is that my wife already shows him that, and what he sees is that she is not home as much as he would like. So we do our best and set the kind of example that your parents set, or try to. We show him our love for words and science and art and all things good. But in the end he will choose his hero's and his work habbits and his future by himself.
My only hope is: he chooses mac and cheese now while we choose truffled potatoes he may grow out of that and into a lover of words and science and art and all things good.


Wow, that was a great entry. Kudos to you. I think we can all be heroes to our kids by building their confidence levels, always being there for them, and showing them that they can do anything they want to do.

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