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August 21, 2004



I tried the castor oil thing twice it does not work it just gives you bad cramps and lots of bathroom time.


I've heard sex, spicy food and long walks can all induce labor. The night before I gave birth to my daughter I partook in all three, so I'll never know which, if any, was what sent me into labor.


I had heard the castor oil trick and sadly tried it. It was terrible. I should have read up on in instead of taking a few friends' advice. It does start big contractions, but not labor, the baby won't come until he/she's ready so after the effect of the oil has ended there was no labor. What it does do, which was terrible for poor Gabo, is cause the baby to poop all of his meconium into my uterus- contaminating all of the wonderful amniotic fluid. So when I really did go into labor a week later my water was a murky, thick, smelly green (how's that for an image) and they had to put an irrigation tube of saline in to try to dilute it during labor, not to mention the respiratory specialist that had to be on hand to suck all of the meconium out of his lungs. I would NEVER do it again. I would trust that the baby will come when he/she's ready.


My mom had castor oil mixed w/ orange juice to have my brother who was two weeks late. She said he came so fast about ten hours later, that they didn't have time to get her in the delivery room.

For me, some 30 years later. Tony was five days early, so I didn't resort to any methods; though I did go on a four-mile-walk the day I started having contractions. (My total labor from first contraction to birth was 48 hours.)


Nothing weird here. I do remember with my third, when labor stopped after many, many hours and 7cm dilated, the nurse told me to "play with" my nipples, and then stood there to watch. I was more than embarrassed. Legs in stirrups for the world to see all my glory? No problem. Twist nipples in front of you? I say not!


Oh dear, you had me laughing so hard I nearly choked on my water - ah. I suppose Hot Bats would surely be the end-all of labor-inducement. For me, it was the old-fashioned "good stuff," followed by prayer. Liam came two days late, and by then, I'd lost all but a shred of my sense of humor!

Robin P

Hot BATHS work but I don't know about hot BATS! I stayed in the shower for almost 2 hours in the hospital during labor. It really helped me.


I didn't try any scary induction methods, but I can sure relate to the desire to do ANYTHING to get that baby out of there. I'm very glad that I went into labour all by myself at 39 weeks, because if one more person had told me that 'first babies are often late,' I would have beheaded them.

I, too, have heard of sex, castor oil, nipple-twisting, masturbation, enemas and spicy foods, but really, where WOULD you put the hot bats?


My son, JP was 15 days overdue and I also tried everything! One of the best methods I've heard was "to have sex". Unfortunately, none of them worked. The hospital had to give me this oxy-something medicine to induce labor. I had severe labor pains for 3 whole days until they decided to give me a C-section!

no name yet

where exactly would you put those hot bats? ;)

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