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August 16, 2004



Life isn't a pretty bed of roses, though I certainly wish it were. I fear so much for my son - my only child. Even though we are in a safe neighborhood, I always remember nothing is truly "safe" around here.

My prayers for you and the woman you talked to.


Wow...how sad. It brings a little closer to home what we know happens every day in this world.


What a horrible thing to happen! I look at my daughter, 6 weeks old today, and I worry so much about the things that can happen to her. I sometimes think I shouldn't let her out of the house!


That's so sad.

Rachel Ann

I too am at a loss for words; I will add my prayers for the mother. I can't imagine going on after such a horrific event.


How awful for her family.


Oh Amanda, I don't know what to say. I am speechless, for once. How horribly terrifyingly awful. Prayers to this person and her family, and to you for experiencing it through her anecdote. ((hugs))

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