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August 19, 2004



I hope I didn't offend anyone with my post. It wasn't my intention. Although I don't want this thread descending into a religous debate, I would still be interested in hearing people's comments.


I was going to comment, but didn't because of differing beliefs about how this world began. I didn't want to offend, so I kept quiet. Perhaps that's the reason why everyone else did too.

Since we are devout Christians, we believe God created this world. Tony hears about this every day in family worship in church, and soon will be hearing about it in school.


I'm disappointed that no-one commented! I've been curious to see what people would say. I don't have any kids, but I hope to some day, and I'm evolutionary biologist, so this question is important to me.

I think the jellybean idea is great. And since she picked out elephants, you can also talk about trunks, and large ears, and why they might be advantageous. A short trunk is better than no trunk, but a longer one is even better, etc. You can talk about eating from trees, and needing to be able to reach. The baby elephants that grow up to have longer trunks will eat more leaves, and have more babies of their own.

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