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August 19, 2004



take heart, it does get better. we just came back from an 11-hour car ride with my 2-yr old, with just a 45-min ferry ride and 2 15-min stops in between. we expected tantrums, jan being strapped to his seat for so long. but he was amazingly patient. having a stock of rhymes and songs did help. and a pack or two of gummi bears, hahaha!


Amen to this one! C3 is now almost 11 months and the trip to Denmark taught me all the different styles of catching an acrobatic kid. Lucky you, you had a friendly stewardess to help you a bit.


Before you know it AnP, JP will be traveling a real pro he'll lead you by the hand... hehe.

I think what you're doing now is good. I think a child, let alone a grown up person, wouldn't really know his extents and his limits unless he's been to any other place but home. You'll know about that, of course.


i greatly enjoyed your entry. you probably are one of those i see around europe who really have a hard time lugging but "enjoying" their babies on trips. I say enjoying in quotes because you seem to write them like anecdotes, funny ones at that. you seem to have a hard time albeit enjoyable it at the same time. good for you!hopefully those great moments you'd be able to recall and tell Jan Patrick when he grows up. He will be a great citizen of the world, a viajero at a young age!


At least, said the guide, he could appreciate the works of Michelangelo at such a young age. If only he knew that Jan has the same reactions when looking around dirty train stations


Enjoy him at every age as each one brings new joys and, well, yeah, hassles.


kudos to you all!!!

we have enuff problems with just taking my nephew to church now that he's babbling and walking around like crazy :D


Oh gosh, I can just imagine! We traveled with Liam last month; he was 7 months old and man, our hands were full. Everything became fair game: the newspaper, my glasses, my husband's briefcase - things we'd normally not let him "play" with (except the newspaper; he loves that). It's hard - but it's worth it, too. I agree - it's better to endure it and have the experience than not to :)

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