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August 29, 2004



I have to admit to being a "bum-lover". I think THE cutest part of my little guy is his oh-so-skinny baby-bum. So tiny and so much flatter than my daughter's was. I have to stop myself from pinching it every diaper change or else he will develop some strange fetish.


Wow! I thought I was the only person who had pictures of their babies feet. I have a 5x7 black and white photo of my daughters tiny little feet next to my bed. I never wanted her to wear socks! Now she's 2, and socks, shoes and boots are her favorite things.


I REALLY LOVE this post!! It's so perfect!!


It's all of the parts, for me. The footies, back, neck, and especially the top of the head. Occasionally I'll sneak in a chomp on a thigh.


I love baby feet too.So sweet.


Baby feet are amazing. My husband thinks that touching other people's feet is about the grossest thing imaginable. He has only touched my feet once in the eight years we have known each other. But he kisses our daughter's feet repeatedly, and has named all of her toes.


What a great entry! My favorite has always been my daughters knees, especially her right knee. When I carried her I always felt this "bump" in my ribs. We didn't know if it was an elbow, and foot, a shoulder...and once she was born, I rubbed her little right knee and realized it was the same "bump" I felt during pregnancy. I love that little knee because it reminds me of how she always settled into place in my stomach while I carried her.


Baby feet are absolutely my favorite part. I love how they look like ham hocks with toes. It's a shame to cover them up with socks.


For me, it has always been the neck. Just want to reach in there and eat up all that lucious smelling goodness ... and both of my babies wound up melted into puddles of baby giggles. My youngest is now 4, but she still lets me have a nibble from time to time.... for "old" times sake!

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