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August 16, 2004



My husband just had his last Daddy Day for a while. He teaches and spent the summer keeping our two girls (3 1/2 & 20 months) home from daycare two days a week. Everyone loved Daddy Days--including me, even though, I admit I was totally jealous. They made cookies and went to the pool and went to the park with swings. We had thought Daddy Days would go on for quite a while, but Daddy was offered a great new job and it made sense to all to take it. Still, the girls are asking when Daddy Day is again and I think my husband is wondering too.


(((HUGS))) You'll be OK, but it's darn hard! I start a new job next week, leaving working at home again, and I am very sad about it. I love being here for every moment I'm needed. Realistically, I'll only miss 3 hours of the children's waking hours, but it's bedtime that will make me the saddest...


I am about to go back to work full time after a few years off.I'm not sure how Seth will handle it either.I know it's useless to tell you"not to worry"or that"you'll be ok",because you are a mom,and you will worry.It's part of your job.I hope the transition goes as smooth for both of you as possible.


Very touching piece. Useless to say, "don't feel guilty or bad" but there, I have to say it. Don't. You're doing the best you can.


I was going to say pretty much what Jo said. I'm sure that you will continue to make "special" time for your daughter. She will always love you no matter what, because you are her Mommy.


*sniff* Oh goodness, I am understanding your struggle. I am in the middle of where you were these past three years; it's hard as heck. You are doing the right thing by yourself to take a job you'll love. Your little girl will always be there, and you will find a way to make another day or part of just as special as your "Wednesday's" were. Perhaps you could have Mommy Mornings on Saturdays? Just the two of you? I know what you are mourning now; change is not ever easy. I wish you luck, and do keep us posted -

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