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August 06, 2004


Salik Games

Interesting and intriguing (including the comments - you seem to have a way of making women respond)
Joshua Salik
Salik Games
"The empty half of the glass is always at the top"


Good for you! I've been feeling so motherish and dowdy lately, and that's really hard for me. I've never been overly outlandish, I have a tattoo, I had a belly ring, I pierced my ears multiple time, but once I had kids it seemed like this invisible switch flipped and I stopped being artsy and different. I think though, that it comes through in my personality if not in my appearance. I think modeling individuality is a very positive thing.


As strong Christians, one thing my husband and I do when we go out to eat is to say grace together as a family. We say it quietly so as not to disturb others, but it is pretty obvious what we are doing. We hope that by doing this, we show Tony that talking to God is not an embarressing incident, rather an honor.


You go girl! How fun are you? I love your hair, and I love your attitude as well. I am still struggling with my mom-persona much as you said you once were; people (moms!) like you are inspiration to do what I want to do regardless of whatever norms may be...your hair is super, super cool :) And so are your kids! A great example indeed!

Robin P

As I said when you first dyed your hair, BRAVO! You are a shining example to your kids and your whole family. Be proud of who you are. Where else can kids learn that if not from their own parents?
You only look as good as you feel!! You must feel wonderful!!


I love it! The hair and the attitude. I think it is wonderful that you are showing your children that it is okay to be themselves and not care what anyone else thinks. I admire you as both a person and a mom in doing this. In fact, it makes me want to go out and color my hair, too!


being a new-ish mom (10 months), i haven't had a lot of opportunity to do things as an example for my baby. but yesterday, we were in a bookstore, this was the first time i'd taken her there, and she was in her stroller. i was looking at magazines, and she reached over and pulled a mug off a display, it fell and broke. luckily, the pieces didn't fly up and hit her, but i realized that i needed to let someone know. i went to the information desk and explained what happened (but i didn't have the heart to blame ella--i said i did it with the stroller), and offered to pay for the mug. they were so surprised--they had never had anybody do that before, and they weren't even sure what the protocol was! they called the manager, who told them not to charge me, and they all thanked me profusely for my honesty.

i was so proud! even though ella is still very young i want her to always see her mama doing the right thing.

(FWIW, i've been doing the blue-black punk hair for so long that it never occurred to me that i was setting an example for her--i thought i was just being vain. :) )


Good for you! I've always wanted denim-blue hair. And honestly, I'm a stay-at-home-mom, so it wouldn't be that big a deal. I'm just deadly afraid it will turn puke green or something. LOL It's not fear of what others will think - it's fear of what could go wrong that I'm concerned about!

As for setting a positive example? Only if you count allowing my soon-to-be-step-kids to realize their biological mother's faults on their own. And helping their biomom with arrangements to visit with the kids. (You'd have to know the history to fully understand...)


GORGEOUS! Good for you.

I haven't been a parent long enough to have had to set examples for my daughter, other than those of the when-you're-hungry-I'll-feed-you variety, but I hope to set examples by being a parent who is a person. I would like to teach her to respect herself by respecting myself, and I think that's what you are doing.

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