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September 30, 2004



Great post, thanks for sharing it. My husband and I are planning to have our first baby soon and of course the most important thing for us as well to have a healthy baby but I guess we both love to have a boy for the first time. We are going to try out a natural method to determine our baby's gender... and I'm very interested to see what will happen. :-)


I knew from the very beginning that I wanted three boys. As fate would have it, I was given a girl. I cannot imagine my life without her. With our next baby, I can go either way.

And yes, my husband can braid. I made him play with my hair all the time and the best feeling ever was when he french braided my hair. It took several tries, but at least he got it!!

Robin P

I called my baby "Charlie" for the first 6 months because I was convinced it was a boy and I wanted to name my baby after my dad who died 10 years before. I figured my second one could be a girl.
I had my ultra sound at 6 months and the nurse announced it was a girl!! I was thrilled! I hadn't realized I really and truly wanted a girl.
I never got pregnant again so it was a darn good thing my one and only was a girl. She turns 7 tomorrow (October 3rd!)
Rich is great with having a daughter. Lillianna does all the cool things he wanted to do with a son (watching wrestling, wargaming with historical figures, playing sports, guitar....)They have a lot in common. Rich looks cute in Lillianna's plastic jewelry and crown when they play "PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS"
I always say that I knew I truly loved him when I first saw him in the jeweled crown!


I have a boy, a girl, and another boy. With the first two, we didn't find out their sex until they were born. I have to admit that I really did want a girl both times--mostly for shallow reasons involving frilly dresses and hair ribbons, but also with deep hopes of pulling off a better mommy-daughter relationship than I'd had with my mother.

Baby #3 was such a shock (made it through *lots* of birth control) that we decided one less surprise at birth would be useful, and found out his sex at 20 weeks. I had been hoping for another girl (this time because my daughter had been a much, much easier baby than my older son), but the joy of seeing a healthy baby far outweighed my momentary disappointment at having a boy. But am I the only woman in the world who has ever thought it was just a little creepy to be the part owner of a little penis for 9 months? It just felt a little more like an alien invasion of my body when I knew it was a baby man, y'know?!


We always imagined having 2 kids, a boy and a girl. We even had nicknames for them - Enos and Buttercup. So when I went into the big ultrasound at 21 weeks, my husband and I did not plan to find out the sex - either was fine with us. However, we changed our minds immediately when we got a surprise - it was twins! Boys, the tech told us. So, we have our two kids, but they're both boys. I love them dearly, but a little part of me still wants to try for a girl. :)


My husband actually said he preferred having girls, despite having only a brother himself, I suppose because we only have nieces and he spends a lot of time with my sisters and female friends. Baby #1 obliged by being female, and my husband is also getting good at hairstyling, doll tending, etc. We just had baby #2 (our last) and we were shocked to find out it was going to be a boy....I'm glad I found out early because it took me a while to get used to the idea, accept that my daughter will not have a sister the way I did, pack up the little girl clothes, and just envision myself with a boy. Now that he's here I'm deeply in love with my son and I'm looking forward to the surprises and contrasts of raising a boy. But there is, I think, always a little sense of loss when you have to give up the alternative vision of what might have been.


My husband grew up with a sister 15 years younger than him, and a mother who (thankfully) insisted all the kids pitch in. He learned all about braids and tights and all sorts of girlie things.

We didn't find out with our first and did with our second. I wanted a girl with all my heart the first time and I was glad to be surprised.

I wanted another girl for a variety of reasons the second time too. Finding out did help me adjust to the idea of a boy for the last 4 months of my pregnancy (we saved our u/s results for a christmas morning reveal).

Now that I have both a boy and a girl and I know I'm not having anymore babies. I'm glad to have the chance to experience raising both 'flavors'. But I have always fantasized about a house full of girls and my husband drowning in estrogen.

Excellent topic. Nice job.


Like you, we opted for surprise the first time around and got a girl. The second time, we also wanted to be surprised, but a incompetent nurse blew it when she called with our lab results and announced "It's a healthy female chromosome" Being 13 weeks pregnant at the time, I remember being more upset about her choice of language then the fact that she let the baby's sex slip. But it all worked out in the end. My DH too is very happy being Papa to two little girls :)


I wanted a little red haired little girl so badly. We got a blonde haired little boy. Daddy has red hair and mommy is a brunette. We are hoping we are lucky enough to have another. Though I would prefer a girl the next time, I will take a healthy baby for sure! :)


Oh, I was dying for a girl both times I was pregnant, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. What did I end up with? Two boys who I love with all my heart! (Even if I do get the secret urge to dress them up in pink frills and ribbons sometimes.)

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