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September 07, 2004



i am 7 weeks pregnant, for the past 2 months ive been working out getting ready for a swimsuit modeling shoot. the shoot is in 3 weeks is it ok for me to continue to keep working out mainly on my stomach/abs untill the event passes. or will it be harmfull to the baby? thank you for you time

new mother


Hi Jessamyn, My daughter Pearl is exactly the same age as Katie and is at the same near-crawling point too. Her well-baby weigh-in is tomorrow. She's also a big little girl. That proud little smile is something else, isn't it? Robin R.


Beth! Thank you! At yesterday's well-baby appointment, Katie's pediatrician announced that Katie could lead baby gym classes (she was busily doing her baby yoga - downward facing dog, plank, upward facing dog - and also stomach crunches when she was on her back). I think he's not surprised because Katie is incredibly young to be moving around at six months, but because she is incredibly big, and he claims it's usual for the big babies to take longer with their physical development (she weighed in at 23 pounds 12 oz). I'd love to see pictures of Beckett's pre-crawling!


Jessamyn! Welcome to DotMoms. Beckett is also starting to lunge and get on his knees in the crawling position at 5 months and one week old! All I have to say is, "Lord help me!"


Aw, I can see how the big girl clothes would do it! We definitely want another baby before too long, but I don't think we're quite ready yet. It's true, though, I'm already looking forward to going through these baby stages, and I didn't think I would feel that way so soon! And thanks, Laura!


This is why we all end up having another baby! For me it was when my daughter outgrew all her tiny little sleepers, and started wearing "big girl clothes" like pants and tops. I got pregnant within 2 months!


I know, heartbreaking in both a good and bad way.
Nice to see you here!

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