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September 28, 2004



I tell my girls they they can't get any older anymore--they have to stay 3 and 5--and they just giggle. "Mom! We can't stop growing up." they say. I know what you're talking about, Angela.


My baby's going to be having her first birthday all too soon. And no matter what I do she just won't stop growing! It's all very depressing.


if you all find some solution for this, please let me know because, in addition to fretting about my kids getting older and older every year, well, damn...it's happening to *me*! I keep trying to get my countdown-to-40 clock to slow, but nothing seems to work.

Robin P

Are you 100% sure it doesn't work because Lillianna will be 7 years old in 5 days and I told her since I can't handle it, she can stay 6!! I was hoping that could work but you're saying it doesn't???? Damn!!

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