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September 23, 2004


Auntie M

I really enjoyed reading your post. I became a SAHM four years ago and have really had to adjust because I never planned or thought I'd stay at home. I've really liked the time I've gotten to spend with my kids, but I really value the time I get to do my own thing too. I feel very lucky.


Good for you for realizing that you NEED the time to regenerate. Never, Never, Never feel bad because you want time for yourself. It gets hard to constantly have someone hanging on you!

Enjoy your quality alone time. You deserve it!


I'm with you, sister! I have 4.5 hours of freedom Monday thru Friday. It's simply fabulous, and I find that it helps to make me a much happier, patient mother for the rest of the day!


I just recently sent my youngest to 1st grade.

I did not cry, feel melancholy or sad. I practically skipped out of the school, grinning maniacally at the other "sad faced" moms. I was like, "get a grip ladies, in just 7 short hours, they will be BACK!".

*Gasp*, did you read that, Melissa? Yes, I actually get seven HOURS a day to myself now. I bet I can match you, grin for grin, in your joyful kid-free-ness!

My oldest is nearly 14, and in 8th grade. I've been staying at home since before he was born, and had over 13 Y E A R S of full time SAHM life -- let me tell you, when you are finally able to send your littlest love off to full time school... there's nothing like it :)

Wonderful post.... we are moms, but we are still people. And, as you said -- the teachers my kids have LIKE to do stuff like paint (uh uh, not here) and other things that I just cannot have in my house !

Enjoy your breaks! Before you know it.... time *WILL BE* bringing you TWO school aged children :)

Robin P

I never feel bad about the things I don't do with Lillianna. I will let her paint or draw but I am not the type to sit down and make a craft. I will read or write with her,bake, make chocolates,swim,go to the library...things like that. Rich is the game and sports guy.(not my area!)
My mom teaches her knitting and crocheting. My friend Kristy teaches her gardening and meditation.
I am glad she has so many teachers in her life.

Enjoy your 2 hours of freedom. This is the first time I have had 5 1/2 hours to myself every day, that is, when I'm not at work for 4 of them! She is finally in first grade! Wait til you have this much time on your hands...woohoo then the fun begins. Sorry, break's over...gotta get back to laundry and cleaning before I pick her up at school.


Finger paints? In my kitchen? Oh, I think not.


I am a SAHM who is a blend of your post and of someone who loves to be at home. I am not creative, and often felt bad that I don't have a den full of craft boxes for Tony to play with at his leisure. I'm not even a crafty sort!

But I do enjoy having Tony at home, so that I can be his mother; but I also value the hour and a half or so that he spends with a neighbor just so I can have some time to myself.

When my husband comes home, he is the one who gives Tony a bath and puts him to bed, just so I can have "my" time to myself.


I agree completely! I sent my youngest to preschool last week, and I'm absolutely giddy over *four* *hours* *a* *week*!

I wish -- sometimes -- that I was the kind of person who could deal, 24/7, and not need them to go to school, but gosh am I not!

Nice work.


Thanks for sharing your perspective! It was very reassuring. I've recently started to think I should have someone look after my two-year-old once a month or so for an hour just to have a break and get my haircut or something. He's never been with another person besides me (not even his father!) for more than an hour at a time and not beyond the confines of the same building. I think I should start preparing him for a time when I won't always be with him.

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