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September 22, 2004



I always have the feeling that people don't really want to know how my baby is, they just feel like they have to ask - or they are dying to give me advice.

Usually I answer "just great!" unless it's a close friend or relative who might care that Nate said "dah" after I said "that's a dog" or that he just ate carrots for the first time.

I can totally relate to doing anything to get the baby to laugh - it is truly the best sound in the world and I love to see his goofy, toothy smile when he's cracking up.


Hi, Becky! Yeah, it's funny - with people I like, or even with strangers, I could talk about Katie for hours. But my co-workers have a history of getting on my nerves by being condescending and obnoxious! Heh.

And I actually AM a little jealous that Geoff gets to stay home with Katie all day. But he's a doctoral student who wasn't yet working full-time when I got pregnant, so it just made more sense for me to stay at my full-time job and for him to stay home at least until he's finished his degree. Some days - especially the days after I've been up several times in the night and had to get up early to come in to work - I am *really* jealous. But mostly I'm happy that Katie and her dad are spending so much great time together. :)


Your story sounds like mine a few months ago. I got to the point where I really didn't want to share anything about my baby with co-workers because of the same attitudes I noticed from them that you pointed out in your story.

I don't know if many of them would really get the tiny, everyday moments and how they can just make your day more than any completed project or signing of a new client.

It's nice to hear your hubby is a SAHD. We considered that too, but realizing I'd be too jealous of him being able to be with our babies all day, I decided to take some time off from the career and enjoy some extra moments with them.

Love following your posts.

Blog on!


I know exactly how you feel. I also frequently answer "She's good" to the casual questions, because it could take the rest of my life to explain how much I love my baby girl.


Thanks for your comments! Not only do I care to hear the baby laughter over and over again, but my husband and I have noticed that we're willing to do whatever it is that makes Katie laugh over and over. She's the one who gets tired of it first.


great post - and you're right...it doesn't get any better!


*sniff* That post had me teary. You are so right: the sound of my baby boy's laugther is the only sound in the world I care to hear over and over again. It's wonderful.


That is key! I feel the same way :)

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