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September 26, 2004



Doubled vision...I like that; it really explains how it feels. I just had baby #2 and find myself using baby #1 as a point of reference for everything, from looks to sleeping habits to spit up. I hate the idea of comparing them but then baby #1 is my only baby experience so I can't help it.

I have a relative who I think veers too far towards not comparing her daughters; you can't pay one girl a compliment without complimenting the other on the same thing, for instance. I have sisters and I think kids know a little comparing and contrasting is normal and expected; you wouldn't want to be just the same as your siblings, and you can handle the truth even if it's not always flattering to you.


as a mom of four, ages 7-20, I have witnessed many years of similarities and differences... some are physical (ie. two have blue eyes, two have brown eyes) some are emotional (#2 & 4 are "drama queens")... I try to celebrate their individuality as much as possible by spending time alone with each of them... age appropriately...once a month for the eldest, and every day with my 7 year old son...


I just console myself by figuring that the world will revolve around Jonah later in his life, when his big sister heads off to college, and he's got us to himself all through high school.

Melissa S

I just don't see how I could not note and enjoy (and even be frustrated by) the differences in my two kids.

I mostly just appreciate the differences. Except for the fact that my son appears to be unable to figure out the potty. And the fact that my daughter cries everyday at school drop. I don't appreciate that. At all.

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