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September 19, 2004



Sometimes I scare myself with how well I can tell you whats coming before it happens. When the phone rings and I'm in the other room, more often than not, I know who is calling.

And, I have a great since of timing with my husband. If I need to call him on his cell phone for some reason, generally he's in the ....well...he's indisposed when he answers my call.


I wish I could catch a toddler before his/her face hits the ground. I freeze in times of crisis - LOL. My daughter will, sadly, walk away with a scrape somewhere.

My Mommy super power is - a super strong sense of smell. My daughter has never and will never sit in a poopy diaper very long. I can smell her diaper from a mile away, evem if no one else can.


I've often caught things thrown at me by kids at work (I'm a cashier). I'll be scanning along and then suddenly I reach out and catch the item before it hits me. It always amazes people. Of course, sometimes I don't see it coming at all, and I get clocked upside the head ;)

Another time, though, I froze when I saw a child falling. I hated that moment, the one where I couldn't move, but was amazed when the mom caught the toddler right before her face hit the ground. I just wish I knew my super powers would always be at the ready!

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