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September 12, 2004



I flew cross-country with my two kids a year ago, when the younger one was not even two. I bit the bullet and bought a small portable dvd player, and that worked like a charm. We take it on all plane trips and long car rides now.


Before I had my own child, there was nothing worse than a screaming child on an airplane. I was on flight just last week with a couple of screamers...they were so cute! Didn't affect me one bit. They might as well be the Vienna Choir.

Give hubby a precise assignment/responsibility. While we men may not be very good sometimes at the vague generic "helping out"...what is that anyway? We are very good when given precise instructions and specific responsibilities. Good luck.


Take a red-eye flight if possible! My darling husband, 8 month old daughter and I flew from NYC to Los Angeles in July. The flight out was during the day and a lot more work — walking up and down the aisles any time the seat belt light was off. The flight back was the red-eye, and Maricella slept most of the flight and of course, that meant mommy could sleep too!

One article I read said to pack two diaper bags, which is a great suggestion. What I never expected was for her to get car sick after we disembarked from the car service on the way to JFK, (but that's NYC car service drivers for you).

We flew with Maricella as a lap child also, but were able to get the third seat between us for free! (A coach necessity.) Plus, using the Baby b'air while we were seated made me feel more at ease.

Just remember to feed (bottle or breast) during take-offs and landings to help those little ears pop! And bring plenty of toys (books, things to chew on) or baby, and daddy too! Happy flying.


Good luck! My trip with my 1 year old went much better than I expected!! People in confined spaces seem to talk and coo with the best of them!


we fly with our now 22 month old daughter 5 times a year back to the states (9 hours each way)... so we're pros at the whole flying with a baby thing. don't sweat it. no need to worry about things until you're going through them because there's not much you can do - you have to get where you're going. we once sat next to a man who i overheard saying 'oh great lucky me' as we approached ... so i replied 'yeah, sucks to be you, huh? and she cries a lot too' .. he didn't say anything else. i later apologized but also said that there was nothing i could do other than take a slow boat. just take lots of entertainment (1 toy for every hour) and walk the plane if you have to .. you'll be fine. :)


All I can say, is best of luck to you. I flew across Canada with a 1 year old, and it took years off my life. My Hubby kept telling me to calm down, that no one was even noticing the screaming terror on my lap. Oh yeah? Everyone on the plane struck deaf and blind? Get real. Being a friendly sort of child, she hung over the back of my seat for an hour or so, shouting "HI!" to the business man behind me. When he refused to answer after the first 30 times, she screamed. I hauled her into my lap, and she kicked and screamed and kicked and screamed the rest of the trip. Hope I haven't discouraged you, now that I think about it!


Ok, now that I have officially choked laughing on my morning OJ while reading this entry, I can respond: My prayers will be with you. It sounds as though Dear Beckett is from a different Baby Clan as my beloved Liam, who, on a mere two hour flight from WI to CO went all-out balistic; the screams were kept to a minimum, as he didn't fully learn the use of his lungs till we got home. But he felt the urge to move everywhere in our one-foot-by-one-foot space. Needless to say nothing was off limits. Had it not been considered ultra rude to steal the neighbor passenger's cell phone for his chewing pleasure, I would have snatched it. Hint: babies LOVE newspapers :)


Don't worry. Chances are, Beckett will sleep on the flight anyway. I've travelled a lot internationally with our son (now 2) and aside from a little fussiness, it has been much easier than I would have ever imagined. My husband isn't much help either so I can sympathize with that. Sometimes I think he gets more irritated/agitated by our son's antics than the other passengers.

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