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September 27, 2004



I had pitocin, too. So much for my fantasy of natural childbirth! It was my first baby, and I hadn't even had so much as one Braxton-Hicks. When that first, really intense, contraction hit me, all thoughts of breathing went out the window. My husband, a complete sweetie, kept trying to help me count but I nearly took his head off. I resorted to pounding on the bed during my contractions and begging for an epidural in between them. I never would have though I'd be so happy to get a needle stuck in my back! LOL I went into labor on my own with my 2nd and wow, what a difference. Much, much better.


Mine was about as uncomplicated as they come.

With my first, labour started at about 2am. I was so excited, I couldn't go back to sleep. I timed contractions for awhile, read, did laundry, and cooked some more food for the freezer. I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my midwife for 1 in the afternoon, so I figured I'd just keep my appointment, and tell her about the contractions then. I was even considering walking to the appointment (it was only about 5 kilometers and I'd been doing it regularly), but dh insisted on taking the day off work and driving me. Really, I think I would have taken the bus if he hadn't (I hope!).

When I got there the midwife checked me out and told me that I was 3cm dilated, but she didn't think I was having a baby any time soon. She was worried that I hadn't had any sleep, so sent me home with instructions to drink some wine and have a bath.

Dh set me up with the wine, and went off to work out at the club. By the time he came back (7ish) I was starting to puff. He called the midwife, and she said she'd be over within the hour. I hit transition before she arrived with her student, and when she got to my house (8ish), I was pretty well along. Dh was watching Friends on the TV while pressing down hard on my back (which is the only place it hurt, really). The midwives clucked at him and turned the TV off. I didn't care, because I couldn't focus enough to get any of the punchlines anyway.

My dd was born in the livingroom of our apartment at about 9pm. No complications. I tore a little (which healed by itself), so was a bit sore for a few days, but other than that I was fine. Dd, on the other hand, had trouble learning to nurse, so I was very grateful for the midwives, who stayed for hours with me every day for over a week until she got it. They also did my laundry, lol!

My son was also born at home (in our OWN home this time), and it was similar to dd's birth, except faster (only 6 hrs from start to finish), and I felt my contractions in my thighs instead of in my back. I wasn't as tired after his birth, and of course I didn't tear this time so I felt GREAT. He also nursed right away, unlike his sister.

I definitely would have had more kids, if dh would have agreed to it.

Melissa S

It seems so unfair to share a birth story as long and painful as mine in your post.

I wanted to say welcome and also that I watched my daughter's 'birth video' (shot from the waist up!) on her first birthday and cried and cried and cried.

And I was actually *happy* to see my baby grow into a little person. I can't imagine what I'd have felt like if I actually enjoyed the newborn months!


I could type pages...but the condensed version starts out with an induction one week past the due day, includes a c-section in which the anesthesia failed (ouch!) and ended with a beautiful and healthy ELEVEN pound baby boy.

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