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September 18, 2004



There's an animated song on Noggin that also follows this thought. It's really pretty, about a girl who doesn't know about her dark skin color or curly hair, just that her nana says she's beautiful. It's called _There Were No Mirrors in My Nana's House_.

Robin P

I love when Lillianna looks in the mirror and loves what she sees if I do her hair a new way or she is playing with make-up or just admiring a new outfit. Once she looked in the mirror and came out of the bathroom crying that she was ugly. I started to cry. She is so beautiful....why would she even think that? We had a long talk and she hasn't said it again. I hope she isn't thinking that!!


See, you're just backing my main point :)


I remember when my daughter first started looking in the mirror - she was thrilled to see two Mommies. She kept looking at my in the mirror and back at the person who was holding her (me). Now at 21 months, she is making silly faces and she laughs at herself. She's beautiful and she knows it. I hope to keep that lasting as long as possible.

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