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September 26, 2004



Brace yourself. Things will probably get a lot worse. :) My brother is 18 months younger than me, and we used to have epic day long battles. He would try out the latest WWF move on me and I would use my grown out fingernails on him. But in high school I fixed him up with the woman who is now his wife. It all works out in the end.

Now, I have 7 month old twin boys and have heard so much about this twin bond thing. Yeah right - the hair pulling and toy stealing has already begun. I can't wait to see what they do to each other when one can sneak around the back of the other and give an atomic wedgie!


I agree with Melissa. Your son sounds like mine- he LOVES to sit on his sister and wallop her or kick her or whatever he can do to annoy her(and often he causes her significant pain)BUT he also seems to adore her, wants to go everywhere she goes and wants to sleep in her room every night. She feels similarly about him.
A tip from another mom is helping a little for me. We do timeouts for "major infractions" but have been encouraging "hugs not hitting" for more minor violence. He often responds really well, giving her a hug and stopping the hitting, when I make that suggestion. I think it channels his physicality in a different direction. My son is 2 though, so your may still be too young to respond to that tactic.

Melissa S

My guess, not knowing them or you at all (ha), is that they'll be both best friends and at times, worst enemies and that's normal.

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