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October 21, 2004



I love my daughter chubby cheeks (face). She is so thin, but those cheeks just jump right off her face, especially when she smiles!!


I miss the tops of their heads with that just grown in swirl of hair.

I also love his tookus. I love how he giggles while I chase him screaming, "tookus!"

He allows me to do this and for that, I am eternally grateful.


I absolutely love my 4 y.o. son's bum. And his belly. If you ask him why I love his belly, he says "'Cause it's smooth and furry." So true...


I am in love with every chubby yummy part of my little guy - but I mostly snack on his thighs, belly, neck and foosies.


When my older two made the transition from toddler to preschooler, I seriously mourned for the fat tummy hanging over the top of the diaper.

That, and the puppy wrinkles on their newborn faces.

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