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October 04, 2004



what a great read... you almost inspired me to learn to bake! :-D seriously - very nice.


I make the mini loaves and freeze those when I have too many bananas...that way, there's usually some around, but not enough to throw me totally off my program!

Robin P

Welcome to the world of DotMoms!

I used to bake a lot in my younger, single years so I have tons of cook books in my collection. I don't have as much time to bake anymore but when I do it is done with my whole heart, just like you do.

I love baking treats for the December holidays. I try to attempt new recipes every year. I also make chocolates which turn out to be the gifts for as many people as I can manage. It's always wonderful to receive an edible gift, isn't it? People really seem to enjoy it.

Baking for Rich and Lillianna is very fulfilling for me. A banana bread in this family lasts less than 24 hours. They each have a huge piece the minute it is out of the oven....then maybe one more. They pack a piece the next day for lunch and then one or two pieces for a snack at night and it's gone!! My mom always suggests that I freeze half of it. What's the point? They would reach in and eat it frozen!!

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