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October 30, 2004



I have a standing lunch date with two of my best friends every Tuesday. We alternate on who's turn it is to bring lunch. No one ever cooks, we just order from a local restaurant or sub shop. We spend about 2 hours eating and chatting and then go on our separate ways. It's amazing how relaxing it is and we've just decided to extend it into an additional night once a month to play cards and try out new martini flavors.


My husband and I have a similar arrangement, and whenever we have a long weekend we each get a "day" (usually from around 1 pm to 8 pm) to leave the house, alone, alone, alone!! I, like you, often end up grocery shopping, but I always make time to eat in a restaurant that doesn't have a kids meal plan anywhere in sight. I sit alone, I linger, I even read while I eat. And I do not share with a single soul.


Sleep or schedule myself to begin painting the guest bedroom. It's been on my list now for a year, I just never find time to begin it.


I have two mornings a week off, the days when Jonah goes to school. I use one morning for chores, appointments, etc., and the other is for yoga. I've been doing this for a couple of months now, and it's really working for me.

How about if you split your four hours into two blocks of two? Or go on an alternating work-self schedule?


On Tuesday and Thursday mornings (from 9:15 to 11:15) I make it my first goal to do something for myself. So far, in the last 2 months, I have spent a majority of the time in the coffee shop doing some writing. I tried doing the writing from my house, but found it too distracting (always thinking of the things I *should* get done).

I have to give up my morning off on occasion and it just about kills me. I work in my daughter's class one day a month and my son's on another day. I also have occasional dr appointments or hair appointments I find easier to schedule on those days I don't have to find a sitter.

I could clean or rake or do one of the millions of things on my to do list, but I find I'd rather suffer through doing those things with my 3 year old by my side. I've waited since I became a mother to have these 5 hours a week alone...I'm not spending them doing work!

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