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October 23, 2004



Oh, my, yes. I totally know what you mean. I assumed the same position, only willingly. It was the only one that was comfortable. AND MY LITTLE BROTHER WAS IN THE ROOM.

I think he is permanently scarred.


I was surprised how much modesty I lost during labor. I would've gladly spread 'em for the janitor if he would tell me I was past 4 cm.

yum mum

When I was in labour, I felt like I had to poo. I sat naked on the toilet with my husband and the nurse watching me. I wanted her to go away. She kept yelling, "Don't push!" Damn it. She was making it difficult to let go. After that, I have no problems having people see my breasts, but I am shy about people seeing my battle scars (stretch marks). Go figure.

Robin P

Wow with all that you went through you should feel comfortable on a NUDE beach!!
Ya there is nothing that kills your modesty like giving birth does!!!


So, did the stomache postition help the birth any? :)

Auntie M

I've retained my lost modesty, although I might not have had much to begin with. But I don't wear two piece bathing suits after two kids.


yes, in giving birth, you pretty much loose all sense of modesty (although, in my case, I was beyond caring. Having something bigger than a watermelon coming out of my hoohoo was rather distracting). After leaving the hospital, my sense of modesty quickly returnsed - which is probably a good thing. Otherwise, there would be a lot of frightened people out there.

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