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October 20, 2004



Responding in one fell swoop here:

- It's very funny when your kids come back with facts and statistics that you didn't quite know yourself, gleaned from sources other than your own teaching. The first time it happened, it blew me away.

- We are already totally pink-ified here, much to my dismay. The t-shirt and fabric paint is a great suggestion though, thanks.

- I have to say that it's very very HARD for me to bite my tongue and not just preach what I think is the party line. And I'm not always successful...

- We actually had a Super Bowl style party for the first debate - beer for me, root beer for him, and chips and nacho dip for dinner. We could even yell, cheer, stomp our feet and/or spike nerf footballs if our hearts desired. The novelty quickly wore off for him, though, and he ended up asking me to pipe down a bit so he could hear, heh...


It's as big as the Super Bowl. I LOVE THAT!!! Cross you fingers for Nov. 2nd. To dream the impossible dream.


Kudos to you for being so wonderful with your children. I am a college student and see far too many of my peers who have grown up as little clones of their parents - they subscribe to a certain religion or vote for a certain party, and they're very emphatic that what they believe is right and what you believe is wrong... but half the time they don't even really know WHY. Their justification is "my parents always did it this way." (That and TV sound bytes. Sigh. Don't get me started.)

Congratulations to you for encouraging your kids to be informed and to think for themselves. I wish more people would follow your example.

(That being said... can we just GET THIS MORON OUT OF OFFICE ALREADY????? Why won't our country WAKE UP?????)


I agree with your daughter and believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice great fashion for politics. Pink is an outstanding color and it deserves to be the backdrop for a political or any other t-shirt message.

Maybe you could buy Zoe a blank pink t-shirt and a little fabric paint and let her create her own political/fashion statement. Definitely a win-win situation. :)


I'm not very political at all, which makes it interesting as well that my oldest son is. At 14, he is itching to vote, and any time he gets to meet a politician, it's like meeting a super star. I can't have discussions with him--he knows too much and I know too little ;)

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