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October 08, 2004



Lillianna just turned 7 and the firsts are too many to name. I know the big ones, crawling, walking, talking are quite important but there are just soooooooo many more over the years. Lillianna never crawled so we all missed that one!!
I agree with being happy for her milestones and just be proud that she is so clever!!
Plus she is NEVER gonna share all the boy stuff with dad as she grows up. You will get ALL those firsts whether you like it or not!
Did you just have a heart attack???oooops, sorry!!


Exactly, Goldberry! I'm relieved that I've been feeling that way, instead of jealous.

Heh. I hope Geoff doesn't start lying to me about the latest firsts! There may not be a lot of badges of honor for staying home, but I think Geoff is pretty happy doing it. (And I'd trade, if that made more sense for us!)


Tell Geoff he's supposed to lie about these things and say "guess what she did today! It was so cool..." There aren't a great deal of badges of honor for staying home, but getting to claim first is one of them (whether you "see" them occur or not).


Every time my daughter did something new, she was the smartest and strongest child on the planet. I thought I would resent her grammy if she saw my daughter do something before I did, but its amazing that, like you, I felt proud. I am proud to be her Mommy and thrilled that she is my daughter!!

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