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October 26, 2004



I've been lucky so far---my toddler son has yet to have a meltdown in the grocery store. Not that he isn't capable of it.

Even calm behavior, though, can provoke some rather strange reactions from adults. While my son and I were waiting at the deli counter recently, a man asked my son what he was holding. "A fweet potato", he says.

The man looked at me for clarification. "A sweet potato, is that what he said?" I nodded.

Turning back toward my son, he said, "Well, actually, it looks like a yam." He then further interrogated him about the appearance of the vegetable, eventually ending with a triumphant, "So it really is a yam!"

What on earth would prompt someone to engage in a horticulture debate with a 2-year-old?


I found grocery shopping so hard with a 2+ year old that I ended up leaving him home with his dad - added benefit was time to myself (albeit grocery shopping). You are courageous to venture to the checkout lane with two in tow.

I had a couple of similar experiences where total strangers were able to snap my son out of a "monumental on the ground, kicking and screaming" temper tantrum, after I had tried everything in my bag of tricks. To those people, I am eternally grateful!

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