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October 14, 2004


Gary M.

An absolutely stellar ending. I too would love to have Colter back as a baby, but if it were a choice between that perpetually cute time, or being able to watch him grow, I'd have to go for the latter. He has so much to teach me. And he learns and laughs and loves a little more deeply each day. It is sad that we have to loose the one to gain the other. Thanks for your wonderful words.


Oh lord, GUILT TRIP! I only have ONE and still haven't finshed a damn album! Guess what I'll be doing while he's in school today :-p

But I'm with you, it's totally worth it. :-)



Oh, dear. In my case, I think this holds true for the second child as well. There's a yawning gap in her baby book, the scrapbook of "first" moments is still unassembled, and I've yet to look at a single frame of video taken of her in her first year. I hope to get a little more organized so that she doesn't (as I, the youngest of three, did at 9 years old) have to fill in her own baby book!


Nice, piece, Angela. I am guilty of the same neglect...boxes and albums of Emily, and a half-filled baby book for poor Jonah.

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