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November 07, 2004



Finally somwhere to brag without getting the rolling eyes!

I am single mother of a beautiful little 7 year old girl and in my book she is the most fantastic child that ever walked the planet. I have many things that I would like to brag about when it comes to my daughter, but there is especially one thing that I want everyone to know, because it shows how wonderful she is and how fabulously her mind works. So, here goes:

One of our neighbours has a 7 year old daughter that has many, many features that cause other kids to tease her. Some of those problems are ADHD, Aspberger's Syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome and she is very, very big for her age, bordering on being dangerously fat. Kids can be so blooming nasty and evil and they tease her all the time, because she is so different. Mainly the Aspberger's Syndrome makes this girl not function well in large groups, or even in small groups, and she gets ideas like not wanting to wear shoes for an entire day and there is absolutely nothing that could make her put shoes on her feet when she has decided not to.

Moving on, for some reason my daughter and this girl gets along fantastically, maybe because my daughter does not tease her and because I have told her upfront about this girl's condition and that she sometimes does or says things that might seem odd, but that is only because she is on heavy medication pretty much all the time in order to be able to function alltogether. And my daughter gets it. She has accepted the girl completely as she is and understands that playing with her is not like playing with the other kids.

One day our neighbours daughter had decided that she was going to wear ballet shoes and she was going to go out and play in a nearby forrest. It was raining cats and dogs and wasn't exactly ultimate for wearing ballet shoes. But, nevertheless she put on her ballet shoes and came to get my daughter so they could go together. Now, here's the thing...the girl gets these ideas and they seem really good at the time, but sometimes she sort of "wakes up" and realizes that she has done something that other people would concider "funny". And my daughter knows about this, and she knows how embarrassed the girl feels when she realizes these things. And here comes the bragging part...Guess what my little angel darling does when she sees the ballet shoes on her friend's feet, all the time knowing that the other kids will laugh and tease her friend when they see her? She puts on double pairs of socks and puts on her own balletshoe-type summershoes, so that her friend won't feel stupid when she eventually realizes that she's wearing not rain boots, but ballet shoes in weather like that.

I was so utterly extra superproud of my daughter at that moment, that I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was too cold to be wearing summershoes outside right now. I understood what she was doing and why she was doing it and I thought to myself that if she gets a bit of sniffle and cough it is going to be worth it, because her enourmous heart will keep her safe all through her life.

Tell me, wouldn't you be bragging too if your child had done something like that?

Love to all you great mommies (and daddies too) out there, you are doing such fantastic work raising your children!

Sincerely yours,

Vanja from Sweden

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