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November 18, 2004


Robin P

I am so glad everything checked out ok for you. I try so hard to do all the right things to keep myself healthy. Rich's mother died when he was only 4 years old and I see how much that has taken it's toll on him and his 3 siblings. The kids were 2,4,6 and 8 when their mom died at the age of 27. It really does leave this huge hole that can never be filled by anyone else.
You have voiced every mother's fear.
I was lazy about my yearly gynecologist visit due to an insurance change,so finally, convinced that I was probably dying of cervical cancer(no reason to think this but I am always afraid of dying before I am done raising Lillianna)I made an appointment and went 2 weeks ago. Everything is fine and it reminded me to schedule my yearly mammogram.
I have printed out many of my DotMom posts and ones from my own blog to save in a binder for Lillianna. I hate to say, "Just in case," but, well....you know!


there are more people than your children who would have a hole that nothing could fill. they are primary, as it should be. but there would be an almost 4 decade void I could never fill. an't even begin to tell you how many conversations I have a week that include 'my friend Terry...."

Elizabeth S.

I'm happy to hear you're okay. I think you tapped into every mom's worst fear for a while, there. It sounds a little maudlin, but I made time capsules for my kids on their 1st birthdays... mostly full of fun items like Teletubby toys and soon-to-be-outdated cell phones, but I also had the grandparents write letters, and I wrote a letter for them to open on their 18th birthdays. In a way, I felt like I was making sure that no matter what, I could say happy birthday to them on that day.

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