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November 29, 2004



Did you hear about yet another new study that shows that kids under 3 who watch TV have a significant increase in risk for having attention problems later? Something to do with all the flashing images and constantly changing scenery of TV. As if I didn't already feel guilty about plopping my kids in front of the TV. Like you, my older daughter only watches stuff that isn't bad (Little Bear, Maisy, and some Disney stuff thrown in here and there), but I guess what I feel really bad about is putting on Baby Mozart for my 7 month old. I really hate turning on the TV for her, but sometimes it is just the only way to eat, clean or do whatever without her yelling her head off.

For the first two years of our marriage, my husband and I didn't even own a TV, and we surely thought our kids wouldn't be addicts (let alone us). But despite the fact that we really limit the amount of TV my 3 year old watches, she is ALWAYS asking if she can watch TV. You'd think we let her watch it 24-7. And although my husband and I have our shows that we can't miss (thank god for TIVO), my daughter NEVER sees us watching TV. Maybe there are some signals it is sending that ARE addictive.


My daughter and I would be fine without our TV. It's my husband that I worry about.


it's amazing how children can adapt when we're sure they will not. most amazing is how household appliances know to break down at the most inoopportune time - like before company comes or just when you're in total need of sleeping in on a sunday!

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