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December 05, 2004



My four year old delights in telling me I have "bumps". He gives me a sweet, tender hug and looks at my face only to say "mommy you have bumps". What are these "bumps" you may ask? I've never had a flawless complexion but I've never had to use creams and whatnot either. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I'm prone to acne. My problem has always been that I'll get one, and in this case two, pimples that begin ... I leave them alone and they stick around for about 6 months or more. They never come to a head, they are just large rounded "bumps" that I don't know how to get rid of. Eventually they fade or come to a head.

Thor still ask about mommy's "bumps" and says, "I don't have bumps" as if he's rubbing it in. Little booger. :p


My three year old son has never said anything about wrinkles, but the other day when we were reading a book, he looked at the picture of a woman with graying hair and said, "Look, Mommy! That woman is getting moldy!" I know when I get "moldy" who's fault it will be! But it is all worth it.


I would believe the ageing thing. A friend was looking through some digital photos with me recently. She saw one taken when I was about 3 months pregnant. Kellan is 9 months old now, so it was taken just over a year ago. "Oh, look at you, you're so young!" she exclaimed, not realising that the photo was taken only last July. And when I had my hair cut recently and sent a photo to my mother she said, "It makes you look so much older". Yeah, thanks Mom, but its more likely to be the year without sleep, the bags under my eyes, and the wrinkles now appearing in my almost 30 year old skin. But hey, he's worth every minute.


Not true. Kids make you look younger, more radiant, happier and more glad to be alive. Those were laugh lines!


LOL! Oh, how kids are just so...ummm...yeah! My daughter wrinkles her nose when she doesn't like my hair, but then tries to say she does (in true woman fashion, how we lie to each other). My 10YO son, though, never hesitates to tell me how tired I may look, or if my breath stinks (coffee breath he hates!).

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