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December 15, 2004



My daughter is at 5 just developing fashion sense. Her biggest thing is sunglasses being a major gotta have. She loves black leather boots with her jeans too. Other than that thankfully my only problem with getting her dressed is that she never wants to get out of her pj's.


I've had this same fight with my 8YO. For years now...


Three years ago I bought Lillianna one of those beautiful, wool "dress" coats that came with a matching hat and muff.Ya, a muff!!!! It was so cutie pie! She wore it at age 4 and 5 but at age 6 she said it was too puffy and bulky and she hated it. She didn't like the feel of it in her booster seat in the car. It still fit perfectly but she wouldn't wear it not even with a dress! My sister bought her an LLBean coat last year and she wears it every day. Oh well.......


I'm so happy to have a boy!

Curt Conrad

My 19 month-old loves wearing hats and glasses. She is very aware of the impact they have on her appearance. I think she will develop into a true fashionista... Perhaps this is a positive developmental step? Regardless, I can feel my credit cards starting to max...

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It hit eldest at about the same age. Youngest is still less picky at eight, but she's autistic so some things just pass her by.

Regarding the jacket battle -- your war has only begun. You will be subject to a host of forgotten mitts, hats, gloves and scarves as your child attempts to look cool by letting herself freeze solid in the cold of winter (and up here, where winters regularly hit -30, my daughter will still try this tactic).

Good luck. You'll need it!


Occasionally, my three year old says that something looks "wierd", but we've not gone into full fashion police mode. Yet.
I'm so not looking forward to that one.


My three year old will wear just about ANYTHING that I DIDN'T pick out. It doesn't matter if I pick out her favorite outfit. If I am the one to pick it out, she definitely doesn't want to wear it, especially if I say something to indicate how much I like the outfit or how cute it is. So the battle of the wills begin! (Actually, with my daughter, they pretty much began at childbirth, when she was a week late and didn't want to come out!)


My three-year-old was calling her best friend on the phone every morning before preschool to coordinate wardrobes.

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