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December 24, 2004



Wonderful! This was our first Christmas as parents. I never realised what a nightmare all of that packaging would be. The arm waving squealing excitement that followed the opening of each new toy was soon followed by 10 month old "give it to me now" frustration and tears as mommy and daddy frantically tried to get said toy out of its multi-faceted packaging. Next year I'll follow your advise and unpackage the gifts before wrapping. Good idea.


even worse is the hard plastic shell that baby toys come in - the one that has to be ripped open with an extremely sharp knife (wimpy 8-inch kitchen scissors just don't work). when you're trying to get your screaming toddler safely through a parking lot, and wielding a swiss army knife - watch out, standers-by. i think store owners should be required to know 17 different ways to stop profuse bleeding before being allowed to sell those well-packaged toys.


That's a clever idea. I have to admit, I'm frustrated by the plastic packaging that passes for boxes with many of these dolls and action figures. How the heck do you extricate one from that in order to detangle it from the twist-ties without destroying the packaging?


Ah! Amen. I mean, really, where IS Barbie's hair going to take off to? WHY is it sewed into the back of the box? And the toys that aren't secured? Usually the ones that break if you sneeze while holding it. Ugh. You've got a good plan. Wish I'd have thought of it!

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